Uneasy Listening REMASTERED



Digital Download of the REMASTERED Uneasy Listening mix!

In 2001, DJP pioneered the whole “mashup” craze on the groundbreaking “Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1” mix CD. DJP blended classic rock and ‘80s pop with hiphop, both classic and contemporary, to blow minds and blow up dancefloors. Though its original pressing was limited to 1000 promotional-only copies, within a year the mix had been widely copied and shared across the internet, and became a cult classic for its thrill-ride “mashup” genres and eras.

“Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1” eventually appeared on many critics’ yearend top ten lists in the likes of Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, URB, the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. A half decade of crisscrossing the country followed, including supporting Garbage and Lit on MTV’s “Campus Invasion.”